Fare Coop

car drifting in a dynamic and immersive manner

Capturing with FPV Drones

We are proud to showcase our collaboration with Race Ron Loggie, sponsored by EN2 Group. Our team was entrusted with designing and capturing the essence of this thrilling racing experience, and we delivered an exceptional end result that left our client delighted.

To bring this project to life, we began by carefully designing the race car and trailer to ensure they represented the vision and brand identity of Race Ron Loggie. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensured that the final product was not only visually stunning but also aligned with the client’s objectives.

To capture the exhilarating moments of the race, we employed the use of FPV (First Person View) drones. These cutting-edge drones allowed us to capture the car drifting in a dynamic and immersive manner, providing viewers with a thrilling perspective that truly conveyed the excitement of the racing experience. The FPV drone footage added a unique and captivating element to the final video.
In addition to the mobile app, our strategic fundraising video production played a crucial role in securing funding from an investor group. Leveraging the power of convincing motion graphics, informative infographics, and captivating storytelling, we effectively communicated the unique value proposition and potential of Fare Coop / Fare Eats. Our video showcased the disruptive nature of the platform, its growth potential, and the immense market opportunity it presented.

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we brought the vision of Fare Coop / Fare Eats to life, demonstrating how it would revolutionize the industry and create new opportunities for drivers, businesses, and customers. The strategic fundraising video served as a powerful tool to convey the passion, innovation, and transformative impact of Fare Coop / Fare Eats, ultimately convincing investors of its immense potential.
The success of Fare Coop / Fare Eats in raising funding through our strategic fundraising video production exemplifies our ability to blend creativity, technology, and strategic thinking. By understanding the unique requirements and goals of our clients, we craft tailored solutions that resonate with target audiences and drive tangible results.

At Digitalize, we are passionate about pushing boundaries and utilizing cutting-edge technologies to bring groundbreaking ideas to life. The Fare Coop / Fare Eats project showcases our commitment to innovation, creativity, and delivering exceptional outcomes. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in the success of Fare Coop / Fare Eats, and we continue to drive positive change in the ride-share and food delivery industry.
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